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Cometech Testing Machines Co., Ltd. is a reliable, well-developed and professional Manufacturer of Testing Machine, offering Material Testing Machine, Tensile Testing Machine, Universal Testing Machine, Torque Tester and so on. In addition to Impact Testing Machines, we also provide Carton Compression Tester, Abrasion Tester and Textile Tester Equipment. Our goal is to provide customers with high quality, competitive price, and superior services. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in above products.Our testing machines are applied for many kinds of materials including high polymer material, metal material, fabric, textile, tape, viscose, paper, electronic material, rubber & plastic, etc. Not only raw materials test but also components and finished products testing are applied to our universal testing machines. Mechanical material testing machine is to measure the physical property of material. In accordance with the material nature and test demand, we manufacture a wide range of grip and fixture to accord with various test standard such as ASTM, JIS, ISO standard. Welcome to visit our website:

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Cometech Testing Machines Co., Ltd. offers a range of first-class Universal Testing Machine, Material Testing Machine, Abrasion Tester, Tensile Tester and Spring Tester to meet your requirements in the development of safer and higher quality materials and products.
Cometech Testing Machines Co., Ltd. owns complete development ability, on Universal Testing Machine; it can be proceeded with materials strength, elongation, yield strength and elastic modulus and so on professional test analysis.
In terms of Impact tester, Cometech plan and produce pendulum and vise according to ISO 179, ISO180 , ASTM D256, ASTMD 6110 standards. Impact model series can be divided to mechanical, digital and full computerized type in accordance with accuracy and function. Cometech become one of the world's few professional impact tester manufacturers. Other testing instrument such as surface abrasion tester, abrasion tester, tape adhesion tester, peeling force tester, bursting strength tester, compressive strength testing machine and so on testing equipment can satisfy customers different requirement from metal, plastic, rubber, packaging, textile, electron industries, etc.
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