Material Testing Machine

Cometech was established in 1994. We always target to strengthen our design and produce ability to provide a better services and high-tech products to our customers. During our infancy, Taiwan market face a sudden change, more and more traditional Taiwan manufacturers start to expand their foreign markets and absorb many experiences by cooperating with foreign companies to improve their services and quality. Based on this situation, Cometech realized that it time for us to face this challenge and modify our attitude. This is the only solution to make us survive in the world. We accumulate abundant experiences by keeping modifying and developing products to not only to satisfy various requirements of traditional industries but also electron industries and precision industries.

Cometech has been growing with customers synchronously. We devote purse high quality product as well. Until 2006, we get OEM contrasts from Europe and America companies who are known for quality seekers. And our agents and distributors are widely spread all over the world. This is means our products earn good reputations and also let foreigner knows that Taiwan-made products can get their recognitions.

Our main product is universal testing machine and abrasion testing machine at the very beginning.
Considering the market demand, we developed impact testers and related instruments in 2001 with our skillful techniques. Furthermore, in 2005, the torsion testers also join our product lines.
In order to provide more choices to customers, we upgrade our machine frame and functions to cater for users needs. Take universal testing machine for example, we develop low-capacity model, horizontal model and high-capacity model and enter into mass production to save cost. Also, we expand our max capacity from 100Kn to 300KN. We will keep develop diversified products in the future to serve more customers.

Comtech will still keep our original intention to produce and develop more QC (Quality Control) instruments. In the future, we seek to have diversified and international cooperation. We can offer good better services to Taiwan or foreign customers to make our partner possess competitiveness. Building a win-win situation with customers is our final goal.

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